Saturday Shares

Links for your browsing pleasure – while you’re relaxing with your coffee or tea today!

  • These tips can help an introvert survive parties during the holiday season. Sorry I didn’t put this up sooner, but the tips will work every year!
  • Spreading happiness!
  • Small changes can make a big difference in your waistline
  • What 12 minutes of yoga can do for you
  • What to do when you need to make cookies quickly, but you need to chill the dough first?
  • The longest rideable man-made wave
  • How to spot a bad boss during an interview!
  • 15 essential things we learned about coffee this year
  • Are you looking for a passion – you actually have to work at it.
  • Did you see this model who lost her leg to toxic shock syndrome? She landed a Nordstrom campaign!
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