Saturday Shares

Links for your weekend browsing pleasure

  • Another article about the thermostat battle between husband and wife
  • My husband and I always argue about the temperature in the room when we go to sleep at night, this should help me prove my point
  • You can cook your leftover rice in a waffle maker!
  • Another reason to drink coffee
  • Do you have a roommate who leaves dirty dishes in the sink? Here’s what you can do about it
  • A group of influential researchers have found there is no scientific consensus that sodium is bad for people’s health. Woohoo!
  • 5 useful things to know about fresh ginger
  • More interviewing tips
  • When an entire town secretly learns sign language to give a deaf man the best day of his life, it brought me to tears
  • This is important – please put your medical history on your phone!
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    1. My pleasure, Constance!

    2. Constance

      Thank you Carrie, for scouring and sharing your link love! Interesting reads.