Chocolate Chip Cookies in NYC

So this happened. I am a very passionate person (ask my kids, sometimes I embarrass them with my passionate ways) […]

So this happened. I am a very passionate person (ask my kids, sometimes I embarrass them with my passionate ways) and Chocolate Chip Cookies (CCC) happen to be at the top of my list of passions. Previously, I posted about a specific CCC on 5 things on my Drool Radar. Ever since, I’ve been pondering a Chocolate Chip Cookie Crawl in NYC. I didn’t want to do it alone, but who is as devoted as I am to discovering and eating more than one chocolate chip cookie in a day? Well, I found the person! My daughter! Jordanna and I had so much fun discovering sinfully amazing, droolworthy, ridiculously phenomenal chocolate chip cookies!

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Last Wednesday, the weather was perfect so we decided it was The Day. We had the time, the weather was cooperating and hopefully, the traffic would, too. Unfortunately, I was wrong on the last count – traffic was almost painful – but it didn’t matter. We were on a crucial mission and it made the traffic bearable. We decided 3 stops, therefore, 3 cookies would be the right amount for our taste tests.

Our first stop: City Cakes NY that I previously featured here. It is located on the basement level of a residential building at 251 West 18th Street in Manhattan, between 7th and 8th Avenues.  A teeny-tiny bakery with the biggest cookies you have EVER seen. The featured image of this post is their very famous half pound chocolate chip cookie. If you look carefully, the cookie is as big as my face. We shared the cookie and it was easily in the top 5 Chocolate Chip Cookies I’ve had in my life. It was crispy on the outside, ooey-gooey in the middle and the perfect amount of chocolate chips. We were in heaven!



Our second stop was Besfren, (cookie on the left below). It is located at 315 5th Ave, at 32nd Street. This cookie is also huge, but not crispy on the edges. Very soft – like it just came out of the oven – with more chocolate chips than cookie. Jordanna is not into the crispy factor with her chocolate chip cookies, so this one was her favorite. I thought it was excellent and would certainly eat it again.


The last stop, Maman (pictured below) located at 239 Centre Street, between Grand and Broome, was a different breed of cookie – it had nuts. Three different kinds of nuts! Almond, pecan and macadamia. Very difficult to compare this to the other two because of the nuts, but Maman’s cookie reminded me the most of a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

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This is by no means a complete Chocolate Chip Cookie Crawl. It is just not feasible to do in one day. All in all, I loved every cookie. If you happen to have a similar passion, or should we say obsession, with chocolate chip cookies, you would be remiss in not visiting these bakeries.

Tell me where you get your favorite cookies!


  1. This one was spontaneous – last minute, but I promise if we do another, you will be included xoxo

  2. Allison

    Just caught up on this one…so fun! I’d be happy to join you on CCC Crawl 2.0. ??

  3. David

    I love this! The photos are great too!

  4. Kyra

    You are so cute!!! I need to try all of these

  5. Lauren

    So cute! My favorite is Levain but can’t wit to try these!

  6. Yes, I love Levain,too! They are definitely amazing. I just couldn’t make it up there this time!

  7. Alison

    Levain on the upper west side. – amazing

  8. Lara

    YUM! Can’t wait to try these!!! My favorite (up until now) is from the Wydown, a coffee shop on 14th street in DC. They are called brown butter chocolate chip cookies and they are a little bit salty! Made fresh every day!