Sage Femme Bag Giveaway – Because I love you!

Because I ♥ my readers ( I really do!), Sage Femme is collaborating with me on a giveaway of this gorgeous […]

Because I ♥ my readers ( I really do!), Sage Femme is collaborating with me on a giveaway of this gorgeous bag. (see picture below). It is a stone gray crossbody with a magenta suede lining. It is obviously stunning, droolworthy and perfect in every way. (FYI, the stone color is sold out online) I received my own Sage Femme crossbody today. It’s a perfect size, it’s light as a feather and it’s red! Did I mention I am completely in love with it?

There are very few luxury brands, aside from Hermes perhaps, who still make all their handbags in their own workshop. The workshop-centric approach to premium bag making was a fundamental inspiration behind the creation of Sage Femme, the brainchild of Corina Stefirta, formerly of Tod’s, and Michael Ventre, founder of the Centro Stile Orbino in Italy, both foreigners living in Italy.

Their leather goods atelier – a stone’s throw away from the famed Amalfi Coast used to produce for the likes of Salvatore Ferragamo. It is now entirely dedicated to the pair’s Sage Femme line, which recently premiered at the White Show in Milan.

Sage Femme recently opened its workshop doors to It’s Droolworthy to demonstrate the production of a one-of-a-kind bag in soft grey pebbled leather with a magenta capretto suede interior. This special edition bag will be shipped to a lucky reader.

To enter to win this Sage Femme bag, please tell us in the comment section below: What makes you happy about Spring? This giveaway is only open to residents of the United States and entries must be submitted before Monday, March 21st at 5 pm. The winner will be announced on Facebook (you might want to like us on Facebook)  March 22nd at 9 am EST. Good luck! **This contest is now closed!**


Featuring: Five Compartment Interior in Magenta Capretto Suede

Featuring: Five Compartment Interior in Magenta Capretto Suede

Special Giveaway: Custom Sage Femme Cross-body in Grey Pebbled Leather with Magenta Capretto Suede Lining

Special Giveaway: Custom Sage Femme Cross-body in Grey Pebbled Leather with Magenta Capretto Suede Lining


Hand cutting patterns of leather on a rubberized surface

Hand cutting patterns of leather on a rubberized surface



Special edge lacquer applied to all exposed edges of the bag

Special edge lacquer applied to all exposed edges of the bag

Precision machine top stitching in premium Gütermann German thread. Exactly 3 stitches per centimeter to give a touch of cleanliness and sobriety

Precision machine top stitching in premium Gütermann German thread. Exactly 3 stitches per centimeter to give a touch of cleanliness and sobriety

Termination at the end with a hand stitch called the “travetto” — a reinforcement that is looped around numerous times by hand with curved needle

Termination at the end with a hand stitch called the “travetto” — a reinforcement that is looped around numerous times by hand with curved needle


All edges of the bag are polished and burnished for maximum smoothness

All edges of the bag are polished and burnished for maximum smoothness

The bag takes shape as the patterns are modeled to form

The bag takes shape as the patterns are modeled to form

Finished Product! For a lucky reader — the one-of-a-kind Sage Femme Crossbody in soft pebbled grey leather with pure magenta capretto suede interior

Finished Product! For a lucky reader — the one-of-a-kind Sage Femme Crossbody in soft pebbled grey leather with pure magenta capretto suede interior

The only entry requirement is to answer this question in the comments section below: What Makes You Happy about Spring?

This contest is now closed – winner will be drawn 3/22/16 at 9am and posted on Facebook. Thank you to all those who entered!

Images courtesy of Sage Femme


  1. Amy Freiman

    Spring makes me happy because it is the begining of creating new memories for me!!

  2. Lexi

    When I think about spring, a million words come to mind… anew, awakening, beautiful, blossoming, bright, budding, cheerful, changing, chirping, darling, delightful, energized, enjoyable, floral, flourishing, fresh, growth, happy, healthy, inspiring, invigorating, joyful, lovely, lush, light, new, outdoors, peaceful, pretty, pure, refreshing, rejuvenating, renewal, spectacular, stunning, sunny, thriving, tender, vibrant…anything is possible!

    P.S. This bag is ultimately droolworthy!!!! xoxo

  3. Randy

    What I love most about spring is the warmth of the sun, enhanced by the extended daylight.
    I love the sounds of the birds singing and the renewal of the earth ! I am enjoying my renewed
    energy and enjoyment of being outdoors! So I feel happy and relaxed knowing we survived another winter.

    Peace and sunshine. Smile!

  4. Hahahaha! Good luck, Carolyn!

  5. Carolyn Geiger

    The following makes me happy about spring:
    Warmer weather
    More light
    Flowers blooming
    Birds chirping
    Easter candy
    Planting flowers
    Putting away winter sweaters
    Taking out spring clothes
    Lighthouse opening!
    Getting a fabulous new bag to wear!!

  6. I love the inspiration that comes with Spring. Inspired to be creative, to be outdoors, to tackle projects. I love how we are inspired to Spring clean – our spaces and ourselves. There is just something so unique about the Spring air.

  7. David

    I’ll give it to someone.

  8. Teresa Katz

    What a beautifully handcrafted bag. Both classic and edgy. Would love to own one. Its my birthday. Life outside awakens as well as my spirits. The anticipation of full manifestation of the blessings of God.

  9. So happy you entered, Cathy!

  10. Debbie Veasey

    The Spring rainbow of colors: White Dogwood, Yellow Daffodils, Pink Cherry Trees, Blue Birds Chirping, Purple Hyacinth, Green Grass!

  11. Cathy SEIDMAN

    It’s spring and I’m eager to search for new meaning, new motivation and new reasons to be grateful.
    Spring is a good reminder to shake off the cobwebs that keep us stuck and to emerge from our isolating winter hibernation.

  12. nancy wilson

    The ability to be outside! To get together with friends and be active, to walk around and see the different colors in nature.

  13. craftyone

    i like looking at the plants and trees that bloom

  14. Irene Chan

    Cherry blossom!! Love the pink and white everywhere!

  15. Lisa Kaplan

    Beautiful tulips of all colors

  16. Stacy Gellert

    The first sighting of daffodils.

  17. Resa

    Today is my birthday so most years I get to celebrate my birthday on the first day of Spring! It is selfish, but exciting and fun!

  18. Spring makes me happy with…childhood memories of my April birthday parties on my front lawn with friends. My children love spending more time in the warmer weather with longer days. Spring is fresh, exciting, promising and kissed with blooms & pops of color!

  19. Cat

    My favorite thing about spring is the tulips! Tulips are my favorite flower, so seeing fields of them makes me giddy.

  20. There is nothing more beautiful than spring in our nation’s capital. Warm sun, cherry blossoms, chirping birds! It’s a rebirth that makes you realize how fortunate we really are, despite all the nonsense around us.

  21. What I love about the Spring is when you know you finally have that day where you can open the windows and know a clean spring rain is coming, feel the warm breeze come through and it’s fresh intoxicating scent. Look out and and get out to enjoy the intensely saturated colors of the sunshiney day yellow daffodils, lipstick red tulips and green bud leaves. That same breeze brushes the petals of the cherry blossoms, making them flutter to the ground, like a pink spring snow. Fresh vibrant colors, clean earth and engaging warmth!

  22. Lauren

    My kids running around outside!!

  23. Wendy

    Sunshine and colors make me happy in Spring


  25. Amy Goldman

    Spring is like childhood…free, fresh and full of hope. Front doors fly open- run to meet friends on our dead end street. This is no time to be home inside; but on the street with friends for hours on end—no curfews, deadlines or timelines- just play, dream and enjoy. What MOORE could I ask for !

  26. Alli Baker

    Longer days, fresh air and flowers!

  27. Annette

    I love the warmer, sunnier weather and vibrant flowers that come with Spring. It makes me want to get outside more and even clean my house more.

  28. Thanks, Barrie! So glad you’re checking out It’s Droolworthy!

  29. barrie markowitz

    Not having to wear a winter coat!! Love the bag Carrie!

  30. Jodi Lederman

    People are so much happier in the Spring!

  31. Betsy

    Because I am from Washington DC, my favorite part of the Spring is the cherry blossoms. Their pale pink flowers emerge every March. When I was fifteen, my friends and I walked over to Kenwood, a neighborhood in Chevy Chase with a gorgeous grove of cherry blossom trees. We lay atop a a carpet of pastel blooms and gazed upward. A perfumed breeze wafted over us. It was an absolutely blissful experience. I cherish the coming of spring because it reminds me to pause and consider what a beautiful place the world can be.

  32. Metadel Mengestu

    Spring reminds me of home (California and Ethiopia). The warm climate, the flowery smells, the beautiful colors people wear! It’s the best season. Not too hot, not too cold. It’s the perfect time to spend time with your friends outdoors. I love sitting out at the Georgetown waterfront and people watching.

  33. Cari DePalma

    The warm sunshine, the daffodils blooming, the birds chirping and my peonies!

  34. annushka

    Flowers blooming

  35. Metadel

    being from warm climates (Ethiopia and california) the warm spring weather reminds me of home. I love the smell of flowers, I love that everyone wants to be outside. On top of that, lighter clothes! No more heavy/bulky sweaters!

  36. debbie

    The warm weather, the flowers blooming, and being able to eat dinner on the screened porch make me happy.

  37. Allison mcgrath

    The smells, the happy faces, the longer days and finally coming out of hibernation!

  38. Amanda

    The weather, the longing of summer!
    The moment you’re putting away your winter gear and embracing your spring closet!

  39. I love cookouts with my lovely friends and all of the outdoor adventures that fill up springtime weekends!

  40. Icy Winter blues, bare trees and brown lawns will always get people down, but when the ground suddenly starts to come alive and the brown lawn turns a pale green, spring is in the air… Suddenly with the help of a few warm gentle winds, a crocus or two pops out – and it’s here!! Within only a few weeks, the scent of fresh new life is everywhere. No more couch potatoes hibernating, no more thinking worst case scenarios or melancholy thoughts. With spring comes new life, new romance, new energy or a new job. A time when you feel playful, or are itching to go out on the town, or maybe shop til you drop? Yes, spring, for some, means a new wardrobe and a few new accessories, but what makes me really really happy is sunshine and an overabundance of Pink Trees. From Cherry Blossoms to Pink Dogwoods, to Red buds, Crabapples and of course the Sugar Magnolias, I wait in anticipation for the first buds to appear, and as if that wasn’t enough, nature throws in an overabundance of yellow forsythia and purple lilacs, and white azalea bushes, until I feel intoxicated. And then the rainbow of colorful flowers, too many to mention; appear, until I am dizzy with excitement admiring the vast array of nature’s beauty. I love waiting in anticipation, for all that nature will bring……..and when it arrives I feel blissfully happy and at peace with the world. It usually lasts til end of summer. Now, if seeing all this beauty doesn’t make a person happy, I think its time to start therapy. 🙂

  41. guerita harlow

    Trees and flowers blooming and birds singing.

  42. Weather getting warmer flowers starting to bloom and spring clothes makes me happy about spring!

  43. Kara shearer


    What makes me happy about spring is the representation of life … Flowers bloom again … Trees are fuller ! Grass is greener… The best part for me though is being able to be outside all day with my beautiful daughter. Seeing her smile makes me feel like spring 🙂

    Kara LOVE THIS BAG 🙂

  44. Ruthie Edelstein

    I LOVE the bright colors that pop up in spring! The vibrant flowers bursting with shades of pink and yellow and the colorful selection of fruits and vegetables are a much welcomed kick off to the upcoming months of fun in the sun!

  45. Andrea Thorne

    For me it’s a chance to let go and start a new era, hold onto the good and let go of the not so good as I do for all seasons like how we look at New Year’s Eve into the New Year’s Day. God Bless All

  46. Sharon

    The smell of fresh mowed grass makes me happy ….and trees and flowers blooming.

  47. Shari Nightingale

    The way the trees blossom into bright pink and white against the blue skies. Everything seems fresher, lighter and there’s a new sense of hope in the air.

  48. Trenda T

    My favorite thing about spring is Seeing flowers bloom after a long winter!

  49. Lisa waters

    I love the way spring smells!! The dew early in the morning is magical… with my cup of coffee.

  50. Lynn Galgano

    Spring, my favorite season! I love the warmer weather, lighter nights, wide open windows, waking to chirping birds, and sping flowers!

  51. Margaret Nordlinger

    Spring is birth and renewal.

    What can be happier than that?

  52. Alexa Squillaro

    Happy to spend more time outside and soak in the warmth of the sun!

  53. Lauren Adler

    Spring makes me happy because you just need a light jacket and you can start to see the sun again! It’s the perfect transition season!

  54. Brittany

    Riding with the windows down in the car, smelling the fresh air and having the wind blowing in my hair. That’s what makes me happy about spring!

  55. Marisa

    The inevitable happiness that always seems to accompany Spring! Brighter nights, warmer weather, dining al fresco – all seem to put a smile on everyone’s face.

  56. Lori S.

    Spring makes me happy because of the nicer weather, longer walks on the boardwalks watching the waves, the bright colors of spring flowers and spring clothes and it’s baseball season!

  57. Ali

    The best parts of spring are the change in lighting, beautiful sunsets, and all of the wonderful scents of Mother Earth waking up after a long, cold, lonely winter.

  58. Barbara Dell'Omo

    The smell in the air, the freshness of everything coming back to life…

  59. Heather S

    My favorite thing about Spring are the flowers and veggies I get to plant! Thanks for the super rad giveaway!

  60. Karen Coryell

    New beginnings!

  61. Patience Elliot

    The flowers, the weather and taking walks in the evenings.

  62. Kyra

    I love waking up to the sound of birds chirping and being able to drink iced coffee without getting freezing!!!

  63. Mollie twining

    I love the smell of spring, the flowers popping up and the beginning of outdoor spring sports!

  64. Brooke Schwartz

    I absolutely love flowers and they’re why I love spring! When the weather gets warm, I like walking around and looking at everyone’s beautiful gardens. Georgetown in DC is the best place to do this!

  65. Your name is in the hat, Constance! Yes, it does mean Wise Woman and I was going to put something in the post about it, but I didn’t want the post to be too long. This is what I was going to post:
    The name “Sage Femme” is French, and has a double meaning. The words literally mean “wise woman,” but it is also the French term for “midwife,” the time-honored female occupation that encompasses trust, empowerment, and service to the community. The concept of service is an important element of the Sage Femme project as a portion of the proceeds from every bag goes towards midwife-led projects in the developing world where “wise women” can make a real difference.

  66. Constance

    Sage Femme Bags are works of art! The grey is especially pretty and pretty pink pop for an interior . Please throw my name into the hat.

    Sage Femme =’s Wise Woman


  67. Marcy Brenner

    Yard sales and long walks with the dog!

  68. Susan Hirschfeld

    I love Spring because it gives me something wonderful to look forward to after winter and before summer!!
    Spring is birds chirping , the chill in the air is gone and people are coming outside more …dogs too !

  69. Cassie Feldman

    Love this bag – especially the interior!!!! Being in Florida, we we fluidly move through the seasons without experiencing much change in weather. So, when asked about what makes me happy about spring it feels inauthentic to resort to something as simple as “weather change.” After reflecting more about why spring makes me happy I would have to say that it is the overall fresh feel of the season… People wear bright, bold colors and prints, engage in spring cleaning, and there is a notable seasonal shift in overall mood. All of these contribute to feelings of freshness, lightness, and starting anew.

    Cheers to Spring!


  70. Chirping birds, smells of nature and a new leather bag! Spring has sprung the grass is green where have all those birdies been?

  71. Elise

    What a beautiful bag! You find all the cool stuff. My favorite part about Spring is getting to cook and eat fresh, local Spring veggies and spending time outside (lots of excellent dog watching in all the SF parks and beaches!). Miss you!

  72. Nicole Kapner

    That first nice spring day when everyone emerges from their hibernation and is outside soaking up the weather makes me so happy! It signifies a fresh start and the beginning of the warm season.

  73. Everything about spring makes me happy! Rising temperatures (obvi), smell of the grass, chirping birds, SUNSHINE, spring sports starting, flowers blooming, longer days, warmer nights, and of course, spring fashion! Trading parkas for cardigans and getting toes sandal ready! Spring literally rejuvenates my entire household with its energy! The anticipation all leads to my favorite reason of all, SUMMER IS COMING!!!!!!

  74. Barbara Owen

    After a long winter, I love to see bright green buds pop to life on the Aspen trees, and the long sunny days highlight their brilliance

  75. Spring is a clean slate, the earth reborn. Who can’t appreciate the opportunity to start fresh?

  76. Meeta

    I love spring because of the abundance of light and the adventurous spirit that people tend to take on this time of year! It also a transition season- marking times of change and hope for the future. Most importantly, I love to be freed of pants! Can’t wait to break out the shorts!

  77. Cristina Lazar

    The magnolia blooming-it’s simply magnificent!

  78. Lara

    Gorgeous bag! What a great giveaway! The weather in Spring makes me so happy! So do the beautiful flowers, which I think I have an appreciation for because of my father. I wish it was like this all year around!

  79. Iris

    The weather, of course, which gives you the “can do” feeling that everything you need to accomplish is possible, especially when you are surrounded by your family and friends!

  80. Rita Codos

    Baseball is back!

  81. Jane Guadagno

    Spring is a new beginning. The flowers start to grow, everything turns green, the weather gets warmer, and summer is on it’s way! 🙂

  82. Stacy Ross

    I love spring because it feels like the world is waking up! I love the colors, the smells, and the hint of warmth in the air.