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Rocio G, an Argentinian designer selling one-of-kind, hand stitched bags, tie dye rugs, sweaters and leather shell camisoles is the creation of […]

Rocio G, an Argentinian designer selling one-of-kind, hand stitched bags, tie dye rugs, sweaters and leather shell camisoles is the creation of Rocio Gonzales. The motif for her line of accessories is When the Pampas meet the West Coast, something beautiful is created in between. By the way, the Pampas are the South American lowlands, covering almost 300,000 square miles, found primarily in Argentina and extends into Uruguay. She also has stores in TX, NY, FL and CA that carry her brand and you can email Rocio at for store names and locations. I was lucky enough to interview Rocio via email and below are her responses.

Thank you so much for agreeing to answer these questions: We all love to hear about successful businesses and how they began!

1. Tell us about yourself and how Rocio handbags came to be.
When I was pregnant with my first child, I was looking for a cool baby bag. As I didn’t find anything interesting, I asked the women who breaks horses for my husband (professional polo player) to sew me two round pieces of leather I had painted colorful flowers on. People complemented a lot my baby bag and orders started.

2. Where did you learn to make handbags? Did you have any university/schooling to learn how to make handbags?
I studied one year fashion design and worked as an assistant of a fashion designer in Buenos Aires, Argentina for 3 years. I always loved bags.

3. How old were you when you made your first bag? How old were you when you sold your first bag?
I made my first bag at 27 [Rocio is now 32] and sold my first bag 6 months later.


4. Have you ever sold a bag that you wish you had kept for yourself? What is your most favorite bag you’ve ever made?
I fall in love with every bag or new style I make. To make a new style I need to dream about it for a long time. It’s hard to let them go, but it’s so magical when people appreciate and complement on them. It’s very nurturing for my heart.

5. Can you tell us about a disaster in your studio? or, did you ever make a bag that was a disaster?
Chaos in my studio ALWAYS! My 4 year old daughter Begonia LOVES to play in my studio! With leather leftovers!

6.Tell us about a typical work day
I normally work 5 days a week and try to do nothing at all on weekends to be able to reset. I work from 8:30 till 2:30 and the rest of the day is dedicated to kids, school and home.

7.Best piece of advice someone gave you.
“Product is God” Gene Montesano (former Lucky brand owner)

8. Best piece of advice you would give to someone starting out.
Follow your instinct


9. If you could give one of your bags to one person, who would that person be?
I LOVE to give presents to friends and people I get inspiration from!

10. Do you ever carry another designer handbag besides your own?
No, not really.

11. Please tell us something surprising about yourself – a random talent, perhaps?
I am very bad when it comes to reading papers ( like news, politics…). I really don’t enjoy it or care. I oblige myself because I know it’s good to be updated with what is going on. I love listening to music while I drive, love to read their lyrics too ❤️

Thank you so much for your time, Rocio! I really enjoyed learning a little about you and your business.



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Images courtesy of Rocio G


  1. Such a talented artist, isn’t she?

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