NYC Ice Cream Crawl

Some people might consider what I did today a tad overzealous. I prefer to think of it as brilliant. I […]

Some people might consider what I did today a tad overzealous. I prefer to think of it as brilliant. I was eager to try some semi-famous ice cream places in NYC, so I decided to set aside a day and make a trek to three separate, very special ice cream parlors. And let me say, totally worth it! Am I being clear enough? Totally worth the caloric splurge! My buddy for the day was my niece Jacklyn, fellow blogger at Five Outfits Before Breakfast.


We started the day at 10 Below, on Mott Street in Chinatown. 10Below Ice Cream serves Thai-inspired ice cream rolls. This concept was created on the streets of Thailand, using an advanced cold plate that reaches temperatures well below -10°F. As it freezes, it is spread very thin on this wide, below freezing surface and then scraped into rolls with a special tool. Very creamy, very yummy.



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Our next stop was Morgensterns on Rivington Street. Morgensterns offers 3 different coffee flavors. Considering coffee is my favorite flavor, you can only imagine how conflicted I was! How would I possibly decide which flavor, how could I pick just one? I assume you all know by now how particular I am about my coffee, so it was only natural for me to select the strongest one- and it actually filled my afternoon coffee quota. As the ice cream was melting and Jacklyn and I were taking pictures, my delicious Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream promptly fell off the cone! Luckily they immediately gave me another one. Because the ice cream is so ridiculously soft and creamy – in the best way possible – it probably wasn’t the first time that something like this had happened to a customer.DSC_0840



We finished our ice cream crawl at Davey’s on First Avenue, near 8th Street. The ice cream in the cookie sandwich was chocolate chocolate and if you’re a chocolate lover, GO FOR IT! It’s as chocolatey as it gets, but the real star in this culinary concoction, were the cookies. They were divine.




Jacklyn and I had such a fun day and I totally recommend all three of these ice cream parlors! All three are definitely droolworthy!


  1. Kyra, all your comments brought the biggest smile to my face❤️❤️❤️

  2. Kyra

    ps. is ice cream ever NOT worth the caloric splurge?!

  3. Kyra

    can’t wait for part 2!!! still dreaming about those chocolate chip cookies in the ice cream sandwich. so delish.

  4. It was such a fun day. Wished all my girls were with me!

  5. We planned it out beforehand. You could just us on Part 2 of the crawl!

  6. Lara

    Such a fun post! Can’t wait to try them all!

  7. Jane

    I love ice cream! Did you figure out beforehand where you were going, like a planned tour, or did you just go in search of the best ice cream places? This sounds like the most fun!!!