20 Things You Don’t Know About Me

1. I have never chewed gum. EWWW. It grosses me out. 2. I have 3 daughters, my sister has 3 […]

1. I have never chewed gum. EWWW. It grosses me out.
2. I have 3 daughters, my sister has 3 daughters and my brother has 4 daughters. My parents have 10 granddaughters.
3. I am a certified pilates instructor, but I only taught pilates for about 5 minutes.
4. My college years were a difficult period in my life. I transferred twice. It was a miracle I graduated in 4 years. Don’t feel sorry for me, it all worked out.
5. I get no enjoyment from cooking, but I love to have Thanksgiving at my home with approximately 40 people.
6. I was a corporate foreign exchange trader in my previous life and quit because it felt wrong. People, mostly guys, thought I was crazy. My next job after that . . . a temp!
7. The only food I cannot eat, that I know of, is olives.
8. I also used to be a personal trainer.
9. My first apartment in NYC, my sister and I shared a studio. Believe it or not, the building in which we lived there was a call girl service that operated out of the top floor. We were oblivious to the whole thing!
10. I applied for a job at Apple. Everyone thought it was a sure thing. They didn’t hire me. Gotta admit, a little disillusioned with Apple.
11. I am very particular about my coffee. When I travel, I bring my own coffee and coffee maker.
12. My first date with my husband was not great. He made me laugh and charmed me on the second date. He still makes me laugh.
13. My first job in high school was as a cashier in a little grocery store. Very formative.
14. I am 2 minutes younger than my identical twin sister.
15. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of video tutorials learning Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop , WordPress , Learn CSS, HTML5 with software tutorials.
16. The Princess Bride, as you know, is my favorite book and movie. They had the 25th anniversary showing of the movie at Lincoln Center and I was first in line. I got in for free and Vizzini and Westley gave me their autographs. It was a fabulous night.
17. Love to go to bed early and get up early. My most productive hours are 5am-7am when no one else is awake.
18. My favorite food is pizza. Then, maybe fruits and vegetables. I love almost all fruits and vegetables. Don’t love blueberries, though.
19. The Peony is my favorite flower.
20. The only celebrity I’ve ever met is Janice from Friends. It was in the Hamptons and she was incredibly Friend-ly. She gave me her email address, too. I emailed her but it bounced back. Janice, if you are reading this, please send me your correct address.


  1. Cannot believe we haven’t talked about COFFEE! How could that be? Yes, I could talk about coffee for a long time! xo

  2. I love that you bring your own coffee when you travel. We have talked about so many topics and I don’t think coffee is one of them. I’m about to go make myself some and start my day. I’m looking forward to talking about coffee soon.
    Another coffee lover.

  3. Carrie


  4. Amy Temares

    just happened to be surfing your site and came across this list. I enjoyed reading it as much this time as i did the first time! and I already know all of it already!! hahahah!!!

  5. Carrie

    Yes, it was great meeting you, too. and I loved the panhandler bag!

  6. Patrice

    It was great meeting you at the NY NOW Expo. Glad you like The Panhandler Bag.

  7. Charlotte

    Loved the list but you know that I already know them &many hugs. Mom

  8. Carrie

    So happy you enjoyed it, Celine. And, Thank you for commenting. It is truly appreciated!

  9. Carrie

    It’s so funny how many people enjoy reading my nonsense! Miss you, Constance <3

  10. Adored reading your list, Carrie. Many of the things you mention , we have talked about in the past. Everything that makes you, you is what I and everybody who knows you, loves about you!


  11. Celine Gordon

    Carrie, I loved reading the 20 things that we did not know about you I know some of them but not all was very interesting.

  12. Carrie

    Thanks for the comment, always appreciate it when someone reads my nonsense!

  13. Suzzette

    Enlightened 🙂 many things I didn’t know .