The Ryland Inn, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

I’m sorry for the radio silence around here, but I have been working on a new project which has been […]

I’m sorry for the radio silence around here, but I have been working on a new project which has been occupying 150% of my time. I will be able to blab about this new undertaking in about a month. Actually, I will probably shout it from the rooftops! My new website, name to be revealed soon, brought me to The Ryland Inn last night. Remember, I am not a food writer or food blogger, I only like to tell you what I like. And I liked a lot at The Ryland Inn. Actually, I loved it. The outside setting definitely has a country vibe, while the interior is intimate and comfortable. The decor, neither traditional, nor trendy, is simply sophisticated.

First, I ordered the mixed market greens served with a vinaigrette. The salad tasted like it was picked and tossed minutes before it landed on my plate. Since they have an extraordinary garden, it probably was just picked.  You know what? You can really taste the difference. I’m actually pickier about the dressing than I am about the leafy greens because I make my own dressing at home. Trust me, this dressing was impeccable.  Then I ordered the chicken. I possibly have eaten chicken over 12,000 times in my life – sad as that sounds. The Ryland Inn makes perfect chicken. Every bite was perfect. As a side, I ordered the roasted mushrooms. I love mushrooms and never cook with them because I am the only one in my house who eats them. FYI: The Ryland Inn has stellar mushrooms.  Excuse me.  Yes, mushrooms can be stellar! To cap off an outstanding meal, I had the Cheesecake Bavarois for dessert. I know, I can’t say it either, but it was beyond droolworthy! I just called the restaurant so I can tell you precisely what it was: chunks of pound cake, graham crumble, huckleberry sorbet and huckleberries with cheesecake filling piped in and around the plate.  I can easily and wholeheartedly say the dinner was flawless, as was the service. Trust me, a trip here is special. Every bite is special. The Ryland Inn is a gift to New Jersey.


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