Drool Radar

Many Things on my Holiday Drool Radar

Part wish list, part holiday gift guide. Hope you find something you like!

  1. Roxanne Assoulin The Best is Yet To Come Bracelet Set || 2. Tom Dixon diffuser || 3. Artisan Copper Coffee Press || 4. Terrycloth Toweling Blazer by Bask || 5. Smittens – walking mittens for friends and lovers|| 6. Summerill and Bishop Linen Love Tablecloth ||7. Kendall Conrad bracelet || 8. Kate Cate Blue velvet shoulder strap || 9. Ember ceramic coffee mug (keeps your coffee/tea at the desired temperature) || 10. 1,000 Colors, 1000 Piece puzzle || 11. Coffee Maple Syrup || 12. Gray Malin Getaway luggage tag || 13. Fleece slipper available in different colors || 14. Mary Ching Watch Amulets || 15. The Story of You  || 16. If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want to be Part of Your Revolution Brass Keychain


  1. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope yours was terrific, too!
    Doesn’t that mug look amazing?

  2. Constance

    Hi Friend,
    Especially like learning about the Ember coffee mug.
    Hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving Carrie!