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I like to think of myself as a pizza aficionado. Maybe it’s in my imagination, I don’t care. So when […]


I like to think of myself as a pizza aficionado. Maybe it’s in my imagination, I don’t care. So when I heard about this pizza making class in NYC, I knew I had to take it. The founder of Pizza a Casa is Mark Bello. He and his wife, Jenny, are the instructors. Mark and Jenny are warm, funny, creative and passionate about Pizza. Just like me. Well, the passionate about pizza part. I’ve taken the class twice now. Once with my husband and once with my youngest daughter. And I am planning to take it again. We learned a tremendous amount about pizza, cheese and sauce. More importantly, we had a ton of fun making our own dough, putting it in the oven and EATING GREAT PIZZA! For information on this world famous class (I’m not kidding, it was voted #1 NYC Class on TripAdvisor) please go to their website. You will leave the class feeling very proud, accomplished and stuffed!



  1. Gigi Arnold

    Looks like so much fun! Ron did an outstanding job with his pizza. Looks very professional! Wish they had a Pizza-A-Casa in PA! Gigi

  2. Katie O'Connor

    mrs. drazin can we please take this class together?

    • Carrie Strongwater Drazin

      Oh Katie, that would be soooo much fun !

  3. Mom


  4. Debbie

    I want in on the birthday class too

    • Carrie Strongwater Drazin

      We would love that!

  5. Kyra

    you forgot about the nutella pizza for dessert!

    • Carrie Strongwater Drazin

      How could I forget that!

  6. Beth

    Have been meaning to schedule a class for a year! Thanks for the reminder. Everyone says the class is fun and the pizza is delicious!

    • Carrie Strongwater Drazin

      Glad to be a “reminder” . We all forget everything, but this is something not to miss 🙂

  7. Carrie Strongwater Drazin

    How could I forget that!

  8. murray strongwater

    GREAT post, how about taking the class with your father ?????

    • Carrie Strongwater Drazin


  9. ps
    Did you send a link to your post to Pizza a Casa? Bet they would love to read it.

    • Carrie Strongwater Drazin

      Of course! And, Mark is also a subscriber.

  10. You and your family are extremely fortunate to have taken classes with Mark and Jenny! Pizza has always been my #1 favorite food and no doubt will always be! Can’t wait for you and Amy to take the class together in Oct and to hear all about it!
    Great post and photos too!

    • Carrie Strongwater Drazin

      My favorite food, too ! (Coffee is a drink so it doesn’t count.)

  11. lesley

    perfect gift for my son Rob

    • Carrie Strongwater Drazin

      Perfect gift for anyone. Really.

  12. Lara

    Looks like so much fun! I want to go this summer!

    • Carrie Strongwater Drazin

      I don’t know if it will happen this summer, but we will definitely all go together soon!

  13. Amy Temares

    let’s go in the fall! With Rita and Margie for our birthday!

    • Carrie Strongwater Drazin


  14. Jacklyn

    Can’t wait to take a class here! The pizza looks delicious- and I love the pics! Too cute!!

    • Carrie Strongwater Drazin

      Thanks, Jacklyn.