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Ina Garten’s French Apple Tart

Last summer, I had the delicious pleasure of tasting this Apple Tart at a friend’s party. As we were preparing to leave and saying our goodbyes and thank yous, the woman who baked the Apple Tart insisted I couldn’t leave without taking a bite. She practically stuffed it in my mouth! It was ridiculously good and I texted her the next day for the recipe which she happily gave me. Honestly, I was surprised; I thought it was an old family recipe that she wouldn’t be allowed to reveal.  I was also surprised to find out it was an Ina Garten recipe and unexpectedly easy to make. I made it the day before Thanksgiving and served it the day of. It kept perfectly. Kristy’s was better than mine, but I’m still very proud of my very first Apple Tart! Link to the recipe below.

Ina Garten’s French Apple Tart [1] (recipe courtesy of Kristy and Ina Garten)