Friday Link Love

Some odds and ends to look at over your weekend

  • Doritos in a pepper grinder? Brilliant!
  • How to answer the trickiest interview question ever:
  • The difference between sweet potatoes and yams
  • Did you know this about coffee?
  • How to pack a dress so it doesn’t wrinkle
  • Phrases spawned by Seinfeld
  • Sneezes and vomit travel how far?
  • Did you know you can now customize Oreos?
  • How to start a fire in the rain
  • Emperor Penguins! I love them!
  • How to use face oil
  • This guy was seated next to his doppelgänger on a plane
  • The biological secrets of Sherpas
  • Look what I found! Coffee Haikus!
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    1. Kyra

      Love the packing the dress hack!!!!

      • Thanks, Kyra! I love that you like the Friday Link Love!