Friday Link Love

A few links for your weekend:

  • Why do words get stuck on the tip of our tongue?
  • Have you seen this unbelievable juggling video?
  • What you might be able to do if you miss your flight?
  • Some people really like really bad coffee. Hard to believe.
  • A musician born without arms and uses his feet to play the guitar.
  • Salt in my coffee? I’m afraid to try it – I think I might like it!
  • Things we no longer see in offices
  • The worlds most addicting food. I totally agree.
  • I love when people are so creative
  • These are the best tasting bottled water brands in the world
  • Snapchat isn’t so bad after all
  • Ideas to win over picky eaters
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    1. Kyra

      Haha love the picky eaters one!