World Aeropress Championship

Those who know me, know I love coffee. Those who know me very well, know I love my coffee made […]

Those who know me, know I love coffee. Those who know me very well, know I love my coffee made with an AeroPress. Remember when I mentioned the AeroPress Championship recipe from 2015 here? It might seem unlikely, but this year, there are 94 regional championships happening all over the United States, Taiwan, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, Venezuela, UAE, Sweden, to name a few of the 51 countries that will compete for the World AeroPress Championship (including 12 ‘first-time’ nations). What’s so amazing is that I am not the only coffee nerd who thinks the Aeropress is the only way to make coffee. I know there are many options for making good coffee: the pour-over method, the french press makes decent coffee and other people love their Chemex, but, I have a feeling these people have never had coffee brewed with an AeroPress. Seriously, when I make people coffee, some say it is the best cup they’ve ever tasted! When people compliment a cup of coffee I have made for them, it’s like they’re telling me I have served them the best dinner they have ever had! I jest… only a little. This competition clearly proves that other eccentric coffee people like myself (who undoubtedly travel with their AeroPress and other coffee paraphernalia) do exist! This June, the World Championship is being held in Dublin. I will not make it to this World Championship, however, I have a feeling I will be making the journey in the future.

The World AeroPress Championship started in Oslo in 2008 with just 3 people to see who could brew the best cup of coffee. Some eight years later, it has grown to over 2,000 competitors from 50+ nations. It is important to note that the competition is open to both amateurs and professionals, and has a very inclusive nature. The entry fee is low and there is minimal training involved. The stellar posters announce the when and where of these events. Much like the competition itself, the posters have taken on a life of their own and are works of art produced by some incredibly talented designers. The purpose of the sale of these posters is two-fold. One — to bring the World AeroPress Championship to more coffee producing countries. Coffee growing nations are underrepresented in the World AeroPress Championship and this is something they would like to change in the future. Two: to donate 20% of profits to the Gitesi Project. Started in 2015, the Gitesi Project is a charitable initiative that supports the coffee farmers in the Karongi region in Rwanda. Because coffee farming is so unpredictable, the Gitesi Project wants to help the community across the good, the bad and the disastrous coffee seasons. These posters are now for sale at I love them all. Droolworthy with a capital “D”.




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  1. Kyra

    I wish you could enter the competition!
    Love the posters – you need one.

    • I’m thinking I would love to watch more than be an actual competitor. And yes, deciding which poster to get!

  2. Allison

    I can attest to your ability to make an outstanding cup of coffee…definitely championship level quality! Very cute posters too.

  3. Lara

    These are great! Love the first one!

    • Did you look on their site and see all of them? They are totally great!

  4. Randy

    Fantastic posters ! What a socially responsible company ! I am having my coffee while reading your post! I know you will attend one of these events ?

    • You know I need one, but can’t decide which one. Maybe you can help me!