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I went to sleep away camp for two summers when I was a kid. I remember them as some of […]


I went to sleep away camp for two summers when I was a kid. I remember them as some of the best times of my childhood. I went to Wel-Met in Barryville, New York and it was bare bones. The bathroom was an out-house and the bunks had no windows or doors – just the frame of windows and doors.There was no tennis, water skiing , archery or horseback riding, and no pool! . “But we went swimming in the lake, did arts and crafts, went on hikes, camped-out in the woods, made-out behind the bathrooms, and had the time of our lives!” I have distinct memories of receiving giant packages from my parents with oreos, ritz crackers and cheez wiz. Now there is a summer camp for adults who never got to go to sleep away as a kid or for adults who just want to go back: Camp Grounded . Their activities include Stargazing, Hiking, Creative Workshops, Bare-Feet Baking, Arts n’ Crafts , Meditation, Campfires, Sing-Alongs, Swimming in the River, Dancing Under the Moonlight, Capture the Flag, Truth or Dare, Pillow Fights, Talent Show, Archery, Story Telling, Laughing Contests, Kickball, Sneaking Out at Night, Rock-wall Climbing, Hammocking and many, many more. There are a few rules for the campers: 1) No digital technology and 2) Work is not to be discussed. Ever. The goal is to have fun and make memories. Reasonably priced and located on 80 acres of towering Redwoods in Northern California Camp Grounded is at the top of my bucket list! I wonder if they’re allowed to receive food in their care packages?



















Images and quote courtesy of Camp Grounded


  1. Hey!
    We’d love to share the experience of camp with you all this summer.
    Thanks for the beautiful post and for sharing our story and camp photos with your friends.

    And yes, if you get food in care packages – we’ll let you have it… as long as you share the chocolate and sour candies with us too.

    see you in the woods,
    ~ Fidget

    • Carrie

      OMG, Fidget! Thank you for commenting and truly thinking about rousing up a bunch of people to “go to camp” this summer. WE WILL ABSOLUTELY SHARE!!

  2. Sounds FUN!! and funny. It is wonderful tap into the happiness of childhood through a summer camp. Please let me know after you all go!!

    I also have saved the link you sent me about the adult creative camp you sent me and am using that as inspireation for classes I will teach.


    • Carrie

      Hoping to go this summer, but so hard to plan with everyone’s schedules. I will definitely let you know if we do.

  3. Lauren

    Looks so fun!! I loved loved loved sleep away camp!!

    • Carrie

      The BEST TIMES!

  4. Amy Temares


    • Carrie


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