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Napa Valley


After traveling with another couple to Napa Valley, California, the decision among us was unanimous: the trip made each of our top three destinations of all time. The most beautiful weather, the most picturesque views in every direction, tons to do, and tons of to-die-for food. On our trip we visited 8 different wineries. Most of the wine was quite droolworthy, and I’d like to share with you some of my favorites. Caldwell Vineyard got first place in our book for the favorite winery. I think the seduction started with the tour of the winery by the founder, John Caldwell. John is friendly, warm, and eloquent, and he spent close to two hours with us. John had us sample a few different wines, but in my opinion, Rocket Science was by far the best. It retails for $48 a bottle on their website. Not cheap, but worth it! The location of the winery is incredibly unique. Built into the hillside, you enter into a tunnel-like structure to get to the wine tasting which is held in a room that looks and feels  like a cave. (See picture above)


Les Mars in Healdsburg was our winner in the hotel category. A great find for the discerning traveler, everything about Les Mars is exquisite and elegant, as well as romantic and charming. From the impeccable service of the staff to the glorious sheets on the bed, I do believe one day we will go back.  My favorite thing about Les Mars was its location. It is right on the main street of Healdsburg,  a small town just outside of Sonoma,  with great shopping and fine restaurants. The vibe of the town reminded me of a rugged version of The Hamptons.  Les Mars is an enchanting little gem that finished our trip to Napa perfectly. 





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  • Gigi Arnold

    Loved your post and photos! (the hotel room looks so luxurious) I have always wanted to go to napa valley. I have romantic visions of biking through the vineyards, or maybe stumbling through depending on how many glasses of wine:) thanks again for the great post! Gigi

    • Carrie

      Thank you, Gigi! Napa is such a special place – hard to imagine and describe what a great vacation it really was. xoxo

  • http://http//rochambeau.typepad.com Rochambeau

    Sounds like a perfect trip!! So glad you had a great time. La Mars sounds like a great place to check out!! Also, adore the name Rocket Science for the name of a wine.

    • Carrie

      And, on every bottle of Rocket Science, there is a story using the phrase “Rocket Science” in one way or another. It’s actually a contest that, I believe, is held every year. The trip was DIVINE!

  • Andrea Thorne

    Carrie thank you for reminding me about the wonderful trip we shared. I loved everything about the vacation. What’s there not to enjoy when your on vacation with wonderful friends who you could be yourself with. Love you miss you.

    • Carrie

      It really was a fabulous trip! Love you , Miss you, too!